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The Utah Gang Investigator's Association was founded to foster better relationships and networking among the various investigative units working Street Gangs throughout the State of Utah. We hope that, over time, the Association will grow to include members not only in Utah, but across the country to create a great working network of information. 

Over the past few years, many Utah communities have experienced a decrease in violent crime. But, like every other state, Utah was no exception; Street Gangs continued their involvement in criminal activity and, contrary to the decrease in overall violent crimes, Gangs continued to commit violent crimes at an increasing rate.

For this reason, like many other Law Enforcement Officers, we continue to seek answers through networking and education on how to combat and intervene in this phenomenon.  And, while it seems that gang members continue to commit the same type of crimes over and over, they too are becoming more educated on how to elude the law using social media as a platform to post about criminal activity, their enterprises, and how they elude the law.

The Utah Gang Investigators Association’s goal is to interact with other Officers, Probation and Parole, Corrections, Prosecutors, Intervention, and Prevention across the country to establish a coordinated approach to gang investigations, training, and to foster exchanges of information. UGIA will strive to better serve the needs of the Utah law enforcement community by providing quality gang training and information that will assist its members in the performance of their duties in a professional and ethical manner. 

At times, the solution to the Street Gang problem seems elusive and sometimes hopeless. We believe that we can work toward finding answers through a collaborative and thorough examination of all aspects of the phenomenon. If we work toward better communication by way of information sharing we can accomplish more today than we have in many years past.

Our hope is that UGIA is that foundation and platform to provide a forum for Officers, Investigators, Prosecutors, Probation and Parole, Corrections, Intervention, and Prevention to exchange information and ideas to provide a wide-ranging base of knowledge to contribute towards a solution to this community problem. 

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